Safety Products

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  • Fire Blanket
    Fire Blanket Quickly smother flames to minimized burn injuries or prevent a fire from spreading Available Size : 4" x 4"  &  4" x 6" ..
  • Hazardous Material Disposal Bag
    Hazardous Material Disposal Bag Hold saturated cleanup  materials for safe, proper disposable. (24pcs/bag) Available Size : 24" x 30"  &  42'' x 52" ..
  • Lifting Support Belt / Back Support
    Lifting Support Belt / Back Support Helps to reduce lower back discomfort & repetitive back strain Velcro closure for easy open & close   ..
  • Tissue Roll Wipers
    Tissue Roll Wipers 26cm x 1000m (2 rolls/carton) ..
  • Welding Blanket
    Welding Blanket Protect your projects equipment/machinery from abrasion, molten metal, slag, sparks & extreme temperatures Available Size  : WB15130C - White     : 1.5mm (T) x 1m (W) x 30m (L)  WB10150BR -  Brown :  1.0mm (T) x 1m (W)..
  • Non-Printed Barrier Tapes
    Used for general and highlighting obstructions. Made of Polyethylene material which can stretches up to twice its normal length before breaking. (Width x Height) (76 x 305) ..