Combination Unit of ABS Drench Shower And Stainless Steel Eyewash Bowl

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Product Code: PG 10000 / PG 10001


  • Suitable to use in workplace where fire and chemical spillages may occur. 
  • All control valves are instant action, stay open type of ball valve.
  • Comes with or without foot pedal.

Standard Fixtures:

Shower Bowl

280mm (11") bowl is injection moulded in chemical resistant ABS plastic in bright yellow colour with stainless steel outlet.

Eyewash Bowl 280mm (11") bowl in matted stainless steel.
Eyewash Assembly  Stainless steel with ABS sprayheads assembly with twin, soft-flow eyewash heads and instant flip-open protective dust cover. The built in automatic pressure compensating valve assures safe steady flow under varying water supply conditions. Sprayheads also include a filter to protect user against particles from the water flow which may be damaging to the eyes and face.
Pedestal 250mm (10") aluminium pedestal with 3 mounting holes for 9mm bolts. Pedestal is brightly epoxy powder coated in yellow.
Control Valve 1 ¼" fast action stainless steel ball valve is used for the shower assembly with the stainless steel pull rod. ½" fast action stainless steel ball valve is used for the eyewash assembly with the stainless steel push plate.
Pipe and Fitting  1 ¼" IPS stainless steel epoxy powder coated to bright yellow colour. 
Waste 1 ¼" IPS 
Water Supply 1 ¼"  IPS
Signage Drench shower and Eyewash

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