Horizontal Mounted Drench Shower

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Product Code: PG 9930 H / PG 9930 HSS

    Standard Fixtures:

    Shower Bowl

    PG 9930 V -  280mm (11") bowl is injection moulded in chemical resistant ABS plastic in bright yellow colour with stainless steel outlet.

    PG 9930 VSS - 280mm (11") bowl in matted stainless steel. 

    Control Valve 1 ¼" stainless steel fast action ball valve is operated by a downward pull on the triangle handle of the stainless steel rod. Control valve will remain open until manually closed by pushing the rod upwards.
    Pipe and Fitting  1 ¼" IPS stainless steel epoxy powder coated to bright yellow colour. 
    Water Supply 1 ¼"  IPS
    Signage Drench shower

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