Inflatable Life Jacket

Inflatable Life Jacket

Product Code: ZHGQYT-0511


  • It is a manually or automatically inflated life jacket.
  • Equipped with reflective stripes, oral inflation tube and whistle to attract attention during emergency.
  • It can be used for personal engagement in activities, whether in relation to work or leisure, in or near with water.
Product Colour Size
ZHGQYT-0511 Red Free size


 Technical Parameters
Weight ≤  1kg
Truck angle  30⁰
Inflation time  ≤ 5s 
Ambient temperature -30⁰ – 65⁰
Buoyancy > 150N
Freeboard ≥ 120mm
CO² weight  33g
Angle in water Face plane angle ≥ 40⁰
Float duration ≥ 24h
Buoyancy loss after 24hrs ≥ 5%


Comply with EN 396

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