Pedestal Mounted Eyewash With Foot Pedal

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Product Code: PG 5070 / PG 5070 SS 


  • These unit work very well in any environment.
  • Can be mounted onto the floor and operated either by hand or by foot.
  • The eyewash sprayheads uses soft-flow aerators and automatic pressure compensating valve.

Standard Fixtures:

 Eyewash Bowl

PG 5070 - 280mm (11") bowl is injection moulded in chemical resistant ABS in bright yellow colour.

PG 5070 SS - 280mm (11") bowl in matted stainless steel for long lasting use and recommended for outdoor installation.

Eyewash Assembly  Stainless steel with ABS sprayheads assembly with twin, soft-flow eyewash heads and instant flip-open protective dust cover. The built in automatic pressure compensating valve assures safe steady flow under varying water supply conditions. Sprayheads also include a filter to protect user against particles from the water flow which may be damaging to the eyes and face.
Pedestal 250mm (10") aluminium pedestal with 3 mounting holes for 9mm bolts. Pedestal is brightly epoxy powder coated in yellow.
Control Valve Stainless Steel ½' IPS valve that stay open until manually closed. Control valve is operated by a large, highly visible stainless steel push-plate.  
Pipe and Fitting  ½" and ¼" IPS stainless steel galvanized iron pipe epoxy powder coated to bright yellow colour. 
Waste 1 ¼" IPS tail piece
Water Supply ½" IPS
Signage Eyewash

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