Impact Glove

Impact Glove

Product Code: PG2859


  • Tight fit and great dexterity grip impact glove. Made from HPPE Spandex and double Dyneema lining which offers maximum cut resistance, level 5. Moulded with TPR for dorsal impact protection from the back of the glove to the fingertips with enhanced extra protection on the thumb area.
  • Amara synthetic leather material for long lasting durability.
  • Great dexterity grip with silicone padding on the palm.
  • Neoprene cuff with velcro strap cuff for tight fit and wrist protection.
  • Suitable for oil & gas, automotive, construction, glass sheet & metal industries.
  • EN standard test level – 3544FP. 
Product Size  Length
PG2589 M, L, XL 22cm – 25cm (8.6" – 9.8")

Comply with EN 388:2016.

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