Proguard Filters

Product Code: PMF1001 / PMF1002 / PMF1003 / PMF1004 / PMF1005 / PMF1006 / PMF1007


  • Filter cartridge for Proguard Twin Half Mask.
  • Sold in 1 pair
Comply with BS EN14387, certified by SIRIM QAS.
    Product Code
    Filter Type Application
    PMF1001 A1 Class 1 Organic Gases and Vapours 
    PMF1002 A1P2R Class 1 Organic Gases and Particulate Respirator
    PMF1003 B1  Class 1 Inorganic Gases and Vapours 
    PMF1004 E1 Class 1 Acid Gases 


    (On Request)

    K1 Class 1 Ammonia Gases
    PMF1006 ABEK1 Combination of Class 1 Multigas Filter 
    PMF1007 ABEK1P2R Combination of Class 1 Multigas Particle Filter 


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