Vertical Anchorage Line

Vertical Anchorage Line

Product Code: AL736-1410 / AL736-1420 / AL736-1430


  • Use with a full body harness for a complete fall protection system when a user moves in a vertical direction. The fall arrester will lock or arrest a fall automatically when a fall occurs.
  • 14 mm diameter anchor line is built-in with 1-pc large opening hook, extension lanyard on PG141064 fall arrestor with 1-pc snap hook.
  • Available in 10 meter, 20 meter, & 30 meter.
  • Comes with PG0190 MPB Multi-Purpose Bag.
Product Code Dimension Packaging
AL736-1410 14 mm x 10 m 1 unit/box
AL736-1420 14 mm x 20 m
AL736-1430 14 mm x 30 m

Conform to BS EN 353-2 & SIRIM certification no.: PP071010.

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